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Pesticides Formulation Industries (Pvt.) Ltd

In 1971 Pesticides Formulation Industries (Pvt.) Ltd has started its business in agriculture market by introducing new chemistries/technologies in all segments with coordination of leading partners FMC, Chemdyes, Ciba, Bayer. Company actively engadged with its partners in sale and services of high quality pesticides. In 2010 PFI established its fertilizer division with a mission to identify and develop new products and technologies for the agricultural markets. The product line of fertilizer based products is tailored to meet the ever increasing demand for newer and safer disease control and nutritional products. The common theme amongst the product lines is delivering great performance while contributing to a sustainable growing environment. The new family of products is backed by technical staff, having expertise in the concern area. The new fertilizer division has assembled an ever expanding array of unique and powerful bio-pesticides, patented chelated micronutrient solutions, specialty performance fertilizers, lawn fertilizers, soil amendments that are not only unique and highly effective but environmentally and applicator friendly.

Today, we work in this field having following aims in our minds,

  • ✔  To develop & market economical, effective and “greener” products & programs for crop fertility and disease control
  • ✔  To utilize the available natural resources to provide nutrition for plants and soil microbes
  • ✔  To amend and correct “stressors” that inhibit plant performance and vitality
  • ✔  To respect, support and maximize the contribution of each component of natural ecosystem
  • ✔  To minimize the application of chemical fertilizers and pesticides through ecosystem management
  • ✔  To minimize the application of chemical fertilizers and pesticides through ecosystem management
  • ✔  To deliver value to our customers each time, every time


Pesticides Formulation Industries (Pvt.) Ltd

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